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One-on-one sessions
: A process of emotional and spiritual joining- generally taking place once a week- in which the client may come to locate which old patterns rooted in their past are effecting their efforts to thrive in the present and shed them in favor of a design for living which will liberate their future.

Phone sessions: An opportunity to engage in the same process of emotional healing and spiritual grounding from the comfort of your own home.  The client has the option to pair phone sessions with one-on-one sessions to meet the demands of their particular schedule or engage in an entirely phone-based relationship (generally utilized by out of state clientele).

Couples work: This process of examining clear communication, boundary setting, and the fears we carry in regard to healthy intimacy has proven enormously useful to both couples in genuine crisis as well as those who simply wish to firm up and heighten the union they share.

12-Step/recovery seminars: A comprehensive in-depth exploration- pairing an extensive PowerPoint presentation with open processing with the membership- of the history of the 12-step model, the process of pairing the fellowship with the program, and the many misconceptions impeding those who come to the 12-steps rooms seeking freedom from their illness.  Rush Memorial Hospital, Roosevelt University, The Continuing Education Institute of Illinois, Central DuPage Hosipital, Cornerstone Behavioral Health and Loyola University are just a few of the institutions where I have had the opportunity to provide this service.

A video of me breaking down the first three steps 

A radio interview with me on the subject of the steps

: Utilizing the Systemic Recovery model, created along with my partner, Derek Stone, we offer a two-day intensive program designed to educate and heal the entire family system and create the best chance possible for the addict(s) among them to recover.
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