What's in Your Way?


Michael Mark is my life coach extraordinaire.  He helped me to realize that I would greatly benefit my life long term by looking at myself from the inside-out.  My parents, education system, and profession have made me an analytical thinker.  He's provided a safe place for me to openly express my inner-most stories and fears with full attention, listening without any judgment.  My heart and feelings have an expanded role now.  His support, insights, and commitment are allowing me to grow my personal and spiritual being.  This is providing me the freedom and space to communicate better, expand my horizons, and be more successful in my personal and business relationships.  

Mike K.; Partner, Financial Service Firm

Looking back to 11 years ago when I first attempted to recover from this disease, I do feel that I did the best I could at that time and with the tools I was given.  I recieved help from several places and for a while I was doing ok.  I also know that, looking back, it was only a matter of time before I drank again.  After my work with Michael, I wish I could share with you the feeling that had taken me over.  The bounce in my step, the clarity of my thoughts, the knowledge that I wasn't alone.  Even in the past week, I have been completely amazed at how I have been able to see, process and act in situations which, in the past, would have baffled me.  I have never felt this way before.  Not only do I feel different; I am different.  I am so grateful for the wisdom and hard work of Michael Mark.  

Chad G.; Sales Rep Anderson Windows

Michael Mark; Life Coach, Interventionist
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