What's in Your Way?

As A Practitioner, I believe that:
  • My job is to clear a safe space in which you can learn to be  transparently, authentically, congruently you.
  • My job is to never judge you, shame you or tell you what to do.
  • My job is to help you see that you are just fine, exactly as you are.
  • I am not the expert.  You are the expert.  My job is to help you locate information which already lies within you
  • You are struggling less with the challenges you are facing than you are with the story you are telling yourself about what these things mean about you.
  • Much of what you believe about yourself may well be ideas loaded into you by other people.
  • The things that you cannot or will not own about yourself; own you.
  • Self-love comes through the process of learning to love your liabilities the same way that you love your assets.
  • Without the wherewithal to develop strong emotional boundaries, feeling truly safe in the world is nearly impossible.
  • If no one ever taught you how to process your anger and fear in a healthy way, there is no way you'd know how to do so.
  • The majority of problems that arise in our intimate relationships stem from failing to clearly communicate our feelings and our needs.
  • A shameful relationship with our tears creates emotional constipation.
  • The internalized belief that reaching out for help is the way of weakness is a complete misunderstanding of the word "courage."
  • Perfectionism, the notion that any mistake you make is evidence that there is something wrong with you, is about the most painful platform onto which to build a life.
  • That when your decision-making is based primarily on the fear of what others may think, you will never have the feeling that you are where you're supposed to be.
  • Secrecy is the gas that drives shame.
  • Solution begins the moment that you can say, "I cannot do this alone."

As a practitioner, I walk with people through their difficulties by employing the:

The 4 "A's"
Awareness:  Getting clear about the areas in your life that are less than manageable and the exact nature of those liabilities.
Acceptance:  Affirming what has been uncovered, generating strength through collaboration,  and devising a plan of action toward the life you seek.
Action Implementing positive new ideas and ways of being, releasing negative thinking and detrimental choices, and recreating relationships from a place of integrity.
Accountability:  Devising a maintenance strategy and engaging in a life of growth, freedom, and limitless possibility. 

Michael Mark; Life Coach, Interventionist

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